New Crusher Circuit at Southern Cross operations

Barto is replacing the 30-year-old crushing circuit at the mine near Southern Cross. The old crushing systems was no longer reliable and increased maintenance costs supported a strong business case for a new crushing circuit. Our shareholders have great confidence for the mine and the crusher replacement as a significant step forward ensuring a long mine life for the Marvel Loch operations.

The new crusher will help reduce production costs, increase crushing capacity, and save cost. This will assist us to achieve our target in becoming the world’s leading mining enterprise, we have a strong strategy that will ensure a more profitable business in the future.

Barto partnered with Local EPC company Como and OreFlow to design a completely new crushing circuit for its Marvel Loch operation. Barto also opted for Metso Crushers and screens to be used due to the quality, good reputation and Australian support network offered by Metso.

The Project cost is estimated at ±$24m and construction started early in 2021. The old crusher was successfully demolished during February 2021, with civil and concrete works now well in progress.

The new crusher has been designed with improved capacity, lower productions costs and lower noise and dust emissions, to reduce our impact on the environment and local residents.

Construction completion is scheduled for late July 2021 with dry and wet commissioning to follow in August and September 2021.

Demolition of the old Crusher Conveyor system

Demolition of the old Crusher structures

Demolition of the old Crusher storage bins

Demolition of the old Crusher storage bins

Arrival of the new Metso Primary Crusher

Metso Tertiary HP4 Cone Crusher

ROM wall support structures and Civil construction in progress.

Foundations and Footings

Site progress during April 2021

Screening Area Structures well in progress during April 2021

3D Representation of Proposed new Crusher Infrastructure