Peng (Rod) Zhang


Peng (Rod) Zhang holds an MBA degree from China and is a certified economist in China. He has extensive experience in investment and funding and over the past years has provided significant support to Minjar Gold with getting funding from the parent company Jinan Hi-tech Development Co. Ltd. Mr Zhang also assisted Shandong Tianye Group (STG), the former controlling shareholder of Minjar’s parent company, with obtaining funding for the successful acquisition of the Barto Gold Mining Project.

Rod has previously worked at STG and currently holds the position of Director and Deputy General Manager of Jinan High-tech Development Co. Ltd.

Max Ji


Max has over 20 years of experience in finance and investment. He has worked in mainland China, Hong Kong, USA, Singapore and Australia. Max came to Australia in 2008 as the STG representative and later took the role of CEO of Shandong Tianye Australia Group (a subsidiary of STG). From 2011 to 2014, Max was the CEO and Director of Minjar Gold. During this period, Minjar commenced gold production and was successfully transferred from STG to its current parent company, Jinan Hi-tech Development Co. Ltd.

Most recently Max (GAICD) held the role of Chairman of Minjar Gold before the Board restructure in June 2019, with a particular focus on company strategy and business development and the main achievement during this period includes acquisition of Pajingo and Barto Gold Mining operation, and recapitalization of an ASX listed Triton Minerals Ltd. Max is currently the Chairman of Triton Minerals Ltd.

Yuhuai (Hyman) Zhao


Yuhuai (Hyman) Zhao holds a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering, is a certified Senior Mining Engineer in China, has nearly 30 years of work experience in mine operations and management, and has previously worked on many large Chinese mining projects.

Hyman joined Shandong Tianye Mining Co (a subsidiary of STG) in April 2008 as the Deputy General Manager and during the past decade has assisted Shandong Tianye Mining Co with several due diligence and M & A mining projects in locations across South Asia, Africa and Australasia.

Hyman is highly skilled in management of mining operation and is particularly experienced in managing coal, iron ore and polymetallic mines with excellent skillsets and leadership.

michaelMichael Ji


Michael holds a bachelor’s degree of Engineering Management from China. Prior to joining Minjar Gold Michael worked for various large mining companies across China and Mongolia. Michael has extensive work experience in managing and developing gold and non-ferrous metal projects and has an excellent technical skillsets and managerial abilities.

Michael worked for Shandong Gold for 11 years starting from 1994. In 2008 he joined STG as the Deputy GM of Shandong Tianye Mining Co (a subsidiary of STG) and later worked as the GM.

In 2009 Michael was appointed as the Deputy CEO of Minjar Gold and was promoted to the position of CEO in 2014. In the last 6 years until January 2020, Michael had been instrumental in expanding the business through exploration, feasibility study, commissioning and re-commencing production. Michael is currently the non-executive director of Minjar Gold.

Joanne Kong


Joanne holds a master’s degree in Accounting and Finance, is ACCA qualified and has over 12 years of experience in auditing and finance. Joanne worked in an accounting firm in the UK and prior to joining Jinan Hi-tech Development Co. Ltd, Joanne worked for Ruihua CPA (Jinan Shandong) as the auditing manager for nearly 10 years.

Joanne joined Jinan Hi-tech Development Co. Ltd in 2017 as the Senior Financial Manager and has been assisting Jinan Hi-tech with auditing/financial matters in relation to its overseas assets (including Minjar Gold). Joanne’s main responsibility is to ensure the financial report of any overseas assets also meets the Chinese accounting/auditing standard and any asset valuations accurately reflect the fair and true value. Joanne is currently the CFO of Jinan High-tech Development – Mining Sector reporting to Finance Division as well as the non-executive director of Minjar Gold.